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Wyche Family. 103 

write to him, to whome in England he shall Assigne it ov r to 
for yo r use. And if please God that this bee, Helpe our Deare 
Mother & our goode Sisters and Brothers if there be any oc- 
casion ; for I give yo u it with this intent And I doubt no lesse 
of yo u But y* you will pforme it, (if such a thinge should 
happen) ; the seas are soe troublesome that I dare not venter 
to take my sister Dorothy over w th me But I would not have 
yo u thinke it is for want of good will for I vowe to God it is 
not nor to none of all that is not wantinge, But shall doe for 
any of yo u the uttrmost of my power. I cannott close butt tell 
yo u that since v"* last letter, I have bine dangerous sicke, the 
Doctor & the Apothecary hath had of me sixe pds. But thanks 
bee to God I am well recovrd, And soe w th my love to my 
Brother Edmund, my cousin Ann, my Brother John's wife & 
to all our friends in genii And my humble Dutye to my Deare 
Mother: And my love to ou r good Brothers & sisters & my 
Deare love unto yo r selfe w th my prayer to God for all yo r 
healths & happines I rest 

Yo r Lovinge Brother to his powr till death 

William Moulle. 
London, Queens Armes 
in Beear Lane y e 18 September 1653 

(Continued from page 62.) 

The old vestry books of St. Andrew's Parish, Brunswick 
County, show that on Dec. 6th, 1735, at a meeting of the vestry, 
Henry Wyche was appointed to procession the land. This was 
6 Henry 2 Wyche, previously mentioned in this record. At 
another meeting held on Nov. 8th, 1751, 11 William 3 Wyche 
was appointed to procession the land, and at a court held in 
Brunswick Nov., 1752, he was "recommended to His Honor 
the Governor as a proper person to be added to the commission 
of Peace for this County." 

At a court held in Brunswick Aug., 1758, Henry Wyche, 
Gent., was recommended for the Com. of Peace. This was 40 

104 William and Mary College Quarterly. 

Henry 4 Wyche, who in 1799 was Deputy Sheriff, and in 180 
Comr. of Revenue, Greensville County. 

56 Peter 5 Wyche (40 Henry 4 ) moved to Georgia and ac 
cording to family tree had sons 66 Henry, 67 Albert, 68 Alfred 
and 69 Christopher. 

57 William 5 Wyche (40 Henry) had two children, 7< 
William, who moved to Huntsville, Ala., and married a distan 
relative Anne Rebbecca Wyche, and 71 Thomas Peter. 

58 Henry 5 Wyche (40 Henry) lived in Greensville Countv 
He married first Clara Walton, and had 72 Frances R. Wyche 
who married Geo. E. Taylor and had Wm. Henry, Martha C 
Eliza R., Sarah, Frances W., Georgia Ellen, and Jesse A 
Taylor. The latter married Rebecca Wyche dau. of 79 Joseph 
Wyche. 73 George B. Wyche, 74 Nancy R. Wyche. 5$ 
Henry 5 married secondly Nancy Cooke, sister of Watkin 
Cooke, of Greensville, and their children were, 75 Sarah, mar 
ried Jos. Riland. 76 Emily, married Irvin Walton, "]"] Martha 
Married Wm. Cato. 78 Ira E., 79 Joseph. 

78 Ira E.° Wyche (Henry 5 ) born 1809, died March 15 
1874. He married Jan. 1, 1836, Ariadne Powell and had 8< 
Sarah E., who married W. P. Walker. 81 Georgia A. marriec 
L. A. Guy, 82 Lila, married R. B. Moody. 78 Ira E. marriec 
secondly Sarah J. Powell, sister of his first wife, and thei: 
children were 83 Rebecca, married S. W. Lee, 84 Walte: 
Henry, married Roberta Cato. 85 Benj. W. Wyche. 

79 Joseph Wyche (Henry 5 ) born March, 1816 
died Dec. 28, 1892. married May 26, 1836, Margaret Harri 
daughter of Robert Harris. Their children, 86 Robert Henry 
1837-62. 87 Rebecca, married Jesse A. Taylor. 88 Willian 
Peter, born Dec. 31, 1841, killed at Malvern Hill, July, 1862 
89 James Watkins, born 1844, killed at Manassas Aug. 30 
1862. 90 Mary, 91 Joseph Bevill, 92 George Ira. 93 Mat 
thew H. 

73 George B. c Wyche (Henry 5 ) married Jane Sykes, am 
had, 94 Rebecca G., 95 Clara A., 96 Sarah J., 97 Ellen, marriec 
Mr. Newsom. 98 daughter, married Mr. Faison. 

85 Benjamin W. 7 Wyche (Ira E.°) Treasurer of Greens 
ville County, born Feb. 14, 1856, married Dec. 6, 1876, Matti. 

Wyche Family. 105 

E. Green, daughter J. W. Green, of Greensville. Issue, 99 
Rena May, 100 John Ira, 101 Edward, 102 Lila, 103 Mary E., 
104 Benj. W., 105 Mattie E., 106 Anna, 107 Sarah J., 108 
Lundy, 109 Minnie A., no Laurice. 

Marthe Wyche Putney, daughter of 30 Mary C. Wyche and 
David Putney, was born 1796, and in 1813 married Dr. 
Kinchen T. Wilkerson, of Nashville, Tenn. There was no is- 
sue from this union. She married secondly, in 1823, Micajah 
Autry, of North Carolina, and they had James L. Autry and 
Mary Autry. In 1835 Micajah Autry and family removed to 
Texas, and he was one of the handful of heroes who so 
gloriously defended the Alamo. He was killed there March 
2, 1836, and his name is second on the monument commemora- 
tive of that tragic event. His only son Col. James L. Autry, 
born Jan. 8, 1830, married June 16, 1858, Jeanie Valliant, 
daughter of Denton H. Valliant. He commanded the 27th 
Miss. Reg't, C. S. A., and was killed at Murpheysboro, Tenn., 
Dec. 31, 1862. He left one son, James L. Autry, Jr., now a 
prominent attorney of Beaumont, Texas. 

James L. Autry, Jr., born Nov. 4, 1859, married June 24, 
1896, Allie K. Kinseve. Issue, James L. Autry and Allie May 

Mary Autry, daughter of Micajah and Martha Wyche 
Autry, born Feb. 7, 1826, married in 1842, James M. Greer, 
and had four sons, James M., Robert, Edward, and Hal Wyche 
Greer. Wyche Greer, a son of Hal Wyche Greer, is the pres- 
ent city treasurer of Beaumont. 

31 Nathaniel 3 Wyche (25 Nathaniel 4 ), Jan. 24th, 1790, 
Middleton Fletcher, and they had issue, in William, who died 
young, 112 Anne Rebecca, 113 Alphonzo, 114 Augustus, 115 
John Fletcher. He died before 1806, as is evidenced by the 
sale of his father's lands, Greensville County. 

112 Anne Rebecca Wyche, married first 70 William 
Wyche, and they had two children, 116 Octavia Aurelia and 
117 Marcella, died in infancy. Octavia A., born Aug. 13, 1813, 
married in 1848, William M. Otey, of Huntsville, Ala., and 
their children were Imogen Wyche, who married William 
Fields, of Castlewood, Va., William Walter, Mary, married 

106 William and Mary College Quarterly. 

John M. Hampton, Matthew Wyche, Laura, Lucile, married 
John B. Walker, of Luray, Va. Anne Rebecca married 
secondly John Kirkland, and had William Wyche Kirkland, 
died in infancy, and Elise Isadore, who married Dr. James P. 

113 Dr. Alphonzo 6 Wyche married twice. By his first 
wife, Bettie Caldwell, he had 118 Claude, 119 Nathaniel, 120 
Ernest. His second wife was Miss Dooley, and they had one 
son, 121 William. 

114 Augustus 6 Wyche married Margaret Crittenden, and 
they had, 122 Margaret, 123 Laura, 124 Augusta. 

115 Dr. John Fletcher 6 Wyche, of Huntsville and New 
Orleans, married Lucinda Wright, of Huntsville. Issue, 125 
Chambers, 126 Robert Emmett, 127 John Fletcher, 128 James 
Egbert, 129 Olivia, who married Dr. Jas. L. Sandidge, of 

126 Mat. Robert Emmett' Wyche, married Kate Hammi- 
ter and removed to the vicinity of Shrieveport. He served in 
the C. S. A. through the war, attaining the rank of Major. 
After the war he was for fifteen years sheriff of his Parish. 
His children were, 130 Chambers, 131 Emmett, 132 Hammiter, 
133 James, 134 Lucinda, 135 Harriet, 136 Lela, 137 Kate, 138 
Minnie, 139 Exine, 140 Josephine. He died Sept. 26, 1889. 

127 Mat. John Fletcher 7 Wyche, of New Orleans, mar- 
ried Mary Peebles, a descendant of the Brunswick County 
family of that name, and they had one child, 141 James Wright 8 
Wyche. After the capture of New Orleans he moved to New 
Iberia, La., where he organized a company of militia, and was 
elected Captain. He served in the campaign west of the Mis- 
sissippi. Subsequently he was promoted to the rank of Major. 
He died Nov. 29, 1901. 

141 James Wright 8 Wyche, of New Iberia, La., married 
Lucy Harrison of Virginia, a niece of Prof. J. A. Harrison, 
University of Virginia. Issue, a daughter, 142 Julia Malone 9 

55 Benjamin F. 5 Wyche (48 Benj. 4 ), of Sussex, had three 
children, 143 John, who married Miss Schoolfield, and died 
without issue. 144 Jane, who married Francis Rives, no issue. 

Peter Francisco and His Descendants. 107 

145 Juliana Frances, married Hugh Clark Belches, of Sussex, 
and had issue, Benjamin Belches, who was a Major, C. S. A., 
and Julia Belches, who married Robert Dunn, of Petersburg, 
and had daughters Fannie and Julia Dunn. Fannie Dunn mar- 
ried Judge Joseph Budd, of Petersburg, and their children are 
Robert, Joseph, William, Fannie, Julia Wyche, Samuel and 
Josephine. These are the only living descendants of this branch 
of the Wyche family. 

(To be continued.) 


(From the Richmond Enquirer, January iy, 18 31.) 
Obituary Notice. 

Died — On Sunday, in this city, after a lingering indisposi- 
tion, Peter Francisco, Esq., the Sergeant at Arms of H. of 
Delegates — and a Revolutionary Soldier, celebrated for his ex- 
traordinary strength, his undaunted courage, and his brilliant 
feats. The House of Delegates have determined to pay him 
the honors of a Public Funeral, and to bury him with the 
honors of war. The House have accordingly adjourned until 
to-morrow. The Resolutions passed on this occasion, and the 
Encomiums that were paid to the old Soldier's memory, are de- 
tailed in our account of the Proceedings of the House. 

(Proceedings in the House of Delegates, January iy, 183 1.) 

Death of Peter Francisco. 

Mr. Yancey 2 said, that he had the painful duty to perform, 
of announcing to the House, the death of Peter Francisco, late 
seargeant at arms of this body. He had yesterday received a 
message from him, expressing, as his last dying request, a wish 
to be buried with military honours. Mr. Y. had prepared two 
or three resolutions for the occasion, which he would now sub- 

!See Quarterly XIII., 213-219; XIV., 6-8. 
2 Charles Yancey, of Buckingham Co.